Lets build better technology together.

Hosting, contracting and consulting with a focus on free and open source technolgies


Reach out to us at contact@isomemetric.com to discuss your needs to see if we’re a fit.


Basic Web Hosting

We can host your simple static / PHP-based website on our shared hosting platform. View pricing here

Managed Cloud Infrastructure

If you’re looking to move workloads into the cloud to reduce dependence on physical hardware, we can help you provision and configure infrastructure on whichever public cloud provider you prefer. Please contact us for discovery / estimate

Managed Kubernetes Clusters

If you have a large application that you need assistance hosting and running at scale, we can help you take advantage of container orchestration technologies such as Kubernetes to deploy your workloads. Please contact us for discovery / estimate


We are able to assist with a wide variety of technical tasks. Below is a rough outline of what we’re capable of:


If none of the above apply to your needs, fear not. We can work side by side with you and your organization to explore solutions to your technology needs. Just send us a friendly E-mail and we’ll see how we can assist :)